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Published March 2013

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Included in The Louisiana Collection at the Earl K. Long Library.

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Table of Contents

> Introduction

1. A Defensive Makeover
2. March 2, 2012: The Arrival of Bountygate
3. The Football World Reacts
4. Saints’ Coaches, Organization Punished
5. The Brees’ Negotiations
6. The Parcells’ Flirtation
7. “Kill the Head”
8. The Wiretapping Allegations
9. Conduct Detrimental
10. Challenging the Franchise Tag Designation
11. Examining the Bountygate Evidence
12. “Pure Fantasy” – or – “What The Hell Are You Doing, Roger?”
13. Mike Cerullo: The Disgruntled Whistleblower
14. An Investigation and an Induction
15. Holding Court
16. Dueling Declarations
17. A Historic Night
18. “A Big Sham”
19. A Recusal, a Revelation, and a Rivalry
20. Peak and Valley
21. The Tagliabue Ruling
22. Looming Infamy

The Legacy of Bountygate
· The NFL’s Motives
· Roger Goodell’s Credibility
· Why The Saints?
· A Final Word

> Coda: Sean Payton, A Second Act


  1. Simply, an outstanding book. A complete chronology and analysis of the most turbulent year in Saints history. But more importantly, a true snapshot into the pimping a major sports brand and the non-stop PR Machine that artificially moves the public needle when it wants.

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