21 March 2013

Book Update #2

My Saints/Bountygate book is now available for purchase.

Available in paperback here.

Available for Kindle at Amazon here.

Available for iBooks, Nook and virtually every other e-reader at Smashwords here.

Also available directly through Apple, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.

Here's a quick overview of the book:

Of Bread and Circuses
The Story of Bountygate and the 2012 New Orleans Saints

Of Bread and Circuses: The Story of Bountygate and the 2012 New Orleans Saints (OBAC) chronicles the New Orleans Saints' 2012 calendar year, and examines the events of Bountygate in detail. 

From a crushing January 2012 playoff loss in San Francisco to Sean Payton's reinstatement a year later, the Saints weaved their way through one of the strangest years in the history of professional sports.

OBAC revisits the happenings of the Saints' 2012 calendar year; traces the roots of Bountygate; analyzes the saga's many distortions and misconceptions; offers a wider context for the events in question; and theorizes on the scandal's legacy.

Table of Contents
> Introduction 

1. A Defensive Makeover
2. March 2, 2012: The Arrival of Bountygate
3. The Football World Reacts
4. Saints’ Coaches, Organization Punished
5. The Brees’ Negotiations
6. The Parcells’ Flirtation
7. “Kill the Head”
8. The Wiretapping Allegations
9. Conduct Detrimental 
10. Challenging the Franchise Tag Designation
11. Examining the Bountygate Evidence
12. “Pure Fantasy” – or – “What The Hell Are You Doing, Roger?” 
13. Mike Cerullo: The Disgruntled Whistleblower
14. An Investigation and an Induction
15. Holding Court
16. Dueling Declarations
17. A Historic Night
18. “A Big Sham”
19. A Recusal, a Revelation, and a Rivalry
20. Peak and Valley
21. The Tagliabue Ruling
22. Looming Infamy

The Legacy of Bountygate
· The NFL’s Motives
· Roger Goodell’s Credibility
· Why The Saints? 
· A Final Word

> Coda: Sean Payton, A Second Act

Cover Art

06 March 2013

Book Update

Since the beginning of the year, I've been working on a book manuscript about the Saints' 2012 season and BountyGate.

I've finished the manuscript and completed two revisions of the book. I hope to have it published soon.

With that said, I know absolutely nothing about the publishing process, so there's still plenty of work to be done before this thing is truly finished.

But now that the book itself is mostly done, I'm going to figure out the best way to make it available as quickly as possible. When the publishing process is underway, I'll likely post a few excerpts here.

Once I have more information to share, I will post it.