22 December 2014

Half Past Dead

The 2014 Saints' season was screwed when ...

... Jairus Byrd signed the largest-ever contract for an NFL safety, then had back surgery

... the Saints checked in to flowery wallpapered rooms in West Virginia

... Rob Ryan trimmed his hair before training camp

... the Saints cut all of their kickers during final roster cuts

... Champ Bailey didn't make the team

... Junior Galette was named captain of the defense

... the special teams didn't really have a punt returner

... the Tom Benson statue was unveiled

... Grandpa Sean showed up on the sideline 

... Marques Colston fumbled in overtime in week 1

... #FakeFans were maligned

... the offense struggled to score twenty points in their opening home game

... the defense (and Drew Brees) gagged away a 13-point lead in Detroit with < 4 minutes remaining

... prized free agent Jairus Byrd tore his knee and ended his season

... the 3rd down siren was born

... The Joker fondled Jimmy Graham

... the Saints gave up 51 yards to Michael Crabtree on 4th and 10

... roster shenanigans and splash reports dominated the headlines

... the offense scored just ten points in home games versus each of the Bengals and Panthers

... the team crash-landed into five-straight home losses to end the season

... Sean Payton got swept, for the first time, by a low-rent Falcons' team 

A proper summary can be found here:


04 December 2014

State of the 2014 Saints

It's the mark of a poor leader, one captaining a defense ranked 31st in points per drive and 32nd in yards per drive, during one of the more disappointing seasons in Saints' history, to take cheap shots at two Saints' defensive players instrumental in the Saints' lone Super Bowl title.

If you're looking for reasons why the Saints have underachieved this year, this is a good place to start: