08 November 2012

By the Numbers: The 2012 Saints Through Eight Games

After eight games, here are the Saints' league-wide ranks in a variety of statistical categories.

Arrows indicate mobility since week four; adjustments reflect league ranking, not raw statistical output. Numbers italicized in parentheses indicate previous ranking after four games.

* Points/game: 8th  (10th)
* First half points scored: 4th  (10th)
* Second half points scored: 12th  (7th)
* Red zone scoring % (TDs): 1st  (3rd)

* Yards: 5th  (8th)
* Yards/play: 6th  (7th)
* 3rd down conversion %: 7th  (9th)

* Rush yards/game: 30th  (26th)
* Rush yards/attempt: 17th  (9th)
* Rush play %: 32nd --same-- (32nd)

* Pass yards: 2nd  (3rd)
* Pass yards/attempt: 7th (tie)  (14th)

* Point differential: 16th

* DVOA: 7th  (11th)
* WPA10th  (20th)


* Points allowed/game: 29th (tie)  --same-- (29th)
* First half points allowed: 32nd  (31st)
* Second half points allowed: 25th  (26th)
* Red zone scoring % allowed (TDs): 15th  (14th)

* Yards allowed: 32nd  --same--  (32nd)
* Yards allowed/play: 32nd  (30th)
* 3rd down conversion % allowed: 13th  (19th)

* Rush yards allowed: 32nd  --same--  (32nd)
* Rush yards allowed/attempt: 31st  (30th)

* Pass yards allowed: 29th  (24th)
* Pass yards allowed/attempt: 31st  (30th)

* DVOA: 30th  (28th)
* EPA: 32nd --same--  (32nd)


* Turnover Margin (0): 11th (tie)  (8th)
* Penalties: 12th  (27th)
* Passer rating differential: 22nd  (27th)

Drive Stats
* Offense
     - Average starting field position: 32nd  (28th)
     - Drive success rate: 6th  (9th)
     - Points/drive: 5th  (10th)

* Defense
     - Average starting field position: 19th  (22nd)
     - Drive success rate: 31st  (29th)
     - Points allowed/drive: 30th  (29th)


Special Teams
* Thomas Morstead
     - Punting, gross average: 1st (51.2)  (3rd [51.1])
     - Punting, net average: 1st (46.1)  (3rd [45.9])

* Kickoff returns: 9th  (7th)
* Punt returns: 23rd  (21st)
* DVOA: 16th --same-- (16th)

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